Oracle Brand Compliance

Protecting your brand values.

The Oracle Brand Compliance™ Management cloud service is a full suite of tech modules designed to enable retailers source, develop, market and protect their brands. At Opal BPM, we’re Oracle Brand Compliance™ specialists, offering deep-level Oracle Brand Compliance™ knowledge to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your private label portfolio.

Confidence in compliance

With Oracle Brand Compliance™ on your side, you’ll feel greater confidence in your own brand labelling, brand promise, supply chain transparency and quality. Offering a 75% reduction in rework across the supply chain, 40% growth in productivity and 25% improvement in speed to market, Oracle Brand Compliance™ promises a transformational impact on your effectiveness and ROI.

With ‘one view of the truth’, Oracle Brand Compliance™ enables enhanced due diligence, conformity and awareness, driving improved quality and long-term consumer trust.

What we offer

  • Project – stage gate management of new and existing product development
  • Supplier – supplier and site contact, conformance and performance scorecard
  • Product – product specification development and validation, auto generated labelling brief and quality surveillance
  • Library – policy and guideline documentation, readership and acceptance
  • Reports – cross module data query and reporting
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