How Opal BPM has helped…

The Brief

We helped revolutionise an outdated process for one of the top four UK retailers – they saw approval times slashed almost by half.

The Solution…

After developing a bespoke digital workflow solution to replace the retailer’s existing paper-based process, we helped them achieve a 40% time reduction on their approvals process.

Our solution revolutionised a critical business process by increasing the visibility and accessibility of project assets across relevant users, enabling much higher accuracy and accountability throughout the approvals cycle.

Projects falling late were immediately flagged and escalated – ensuring projects would not miss their launch date – and monthly performance reporting highlighted any weak areas of the process.

Extra resource was then effectively channeled into problem hotspots, alleviating bottlenecks and reducing oversight, which dramatically streamlined the production process.

While the original manual process only achieved an average of 2.8 approval cycles per product, our bespoke digital workflow solution has helped reduce this to 2.3.

  • Increased Speed